Over The Hill ….. And Far Away

In 2014 I was approached by Tim Andrews to participate in his ‘Over the Hill’ project. He had been collaborating with photographers, whom he had invited to take his portrait. At that time I wasn’t available but was interested in meeting up at a future date to share some ideas….  but then life caught up with me. When I did eventually get in back in touch, it was 3 years on and 420 photographers later, and Tim had just finished his project. Fortunately he had enjoyed the process so much that he had begun a new collaboration project called ‘And Far Away’.

As Tim had already been portrayed so many times in so many guises by other photographers, I began to wonder about the multiplicity of personality, the different identities and roles we each embody on a day-to-day basis depending on the environments that we are in, and the people with whom we interact. For the shoot I invited Tim to think about what aspects of his personality emerged in different situations, while dressed in certain clothes or in particular parts of his home.

Initially I questioned what I could bring that was so different​ to a project, for a man who had already been photographed over 400 times. But the difference was Tim’s individuality, and the uniqueness of the interaction between us. It wasn’t about exaggerating or creating a caricature of himself, it was about allowing Tim to become present.

You can see the results of the shoot here on Tim’s And Far Away blog in part 1 and part 2.

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